Amazon Route
We have prepared a quick and imersive route for tourists that are passing by Manaus in a short period of time.
Scroll Down and see the intinerary we prepared to you.

Itinerary and Attractions

8:00 – Departure from Tropical Hotel Pier ( Airplane Hangar Pier)

Day 1

1 – Meeting of the Waters

Visit to the famous water meeting between the Rio Negro and the Solimões River. A unique show in nature.

2 – Janauary Lake

Tours in the igapós of Lake Janauary. In this canoe trip, we will know the beauties of the fauna and flora of the Amazon and visit the Water Lillies.

Night Tour

The Amazon reveals its other face at night. We will explore the Januauary igapós to observe its nocturnal fauna.

Day 2

3 – Dawn on Ariaú River

A unique opportunity to get to know the Dawn of the Amazon, visualizing the awakening of the fauna and flora and knowing the sounds of the forest.


Visit to the Dolphins
Interaction with the Amazon river dolphins on the Acajatuba River. You will see and interact closely with the animals.

Swiming in the rivers

4 – Indigenous Dance and Ritual Show

Visit in the Tarianos, Dessanos and Tuiucas tribe for the presentation of dances and rituals of their culture.

16:00 – Arrival at Tropical Hotel Pier ( Airplane Hangar Pier)

Photo Gallery


Check out some photos of our expedition moments

Meeting of Waters

World's biggest confluence of rivers.

Janauari Lake

Spot of Water Lilies and souvenirs at local restaurant.


Canoe exploring on Janauary area

Night Exploring

Opportunity to approach wildlife.

Swiming in the River

Relaxing moment enjoying a bath in the middle of the River

Forest Walk

Walk trought the Amazon jungle with our guides

Dolphin Interaction

Learn about these fascinating animals!

Indigenous Ceremony

Musical ceremony using traditional Dessano instruments.

Trip Information


we provide one Boat from our Fleet, Beautiful wooden boats designed by local boat builders. We also bring our canoes to explore the Igapós and attractions close to the forest.

Send us your questions about our cruises and we will provide all the information you need.

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