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Visiting the Amazon Rain Forest is one of the most eye-opening, informative and exciting travel experiences of a lifetime by itself. Imagine if you had the opportunity to share this experience with the most savy company in the market, it would be even better, right?
Amazonia Expeditions has worked with enthusiasm for over 30 years and it was founded by Moacir Fortes.

Moacir Fortes

Mo was born on the river and has spent many years taking small groups on adventures. He is acquainted not only with the river and the flora and fauna of the Amazon, but having spent his life up and down the same river and its tributaries, he knows the people and legends. Today, Mo and his family run the company with its 05 riverboats.

Moacir Fortes Jr.

Naturalist, “Junior” Fortes holds a marters degree in biology from the University of Manaus. He and his family have led most of the major scientific expeditions in the last 30 years, including groups from New York Botanical Society, Bats international and universitirs such as Howard, Grinnell, University of Houston and UC Riverside.

 Our Staff

  • Darlan Cavalcante
    Darlan Cavalcante Deck Man

    The reason for me to work here is because this is one of the most respectful and competent tour companies. I feel pleased to be part of these great adventures realized by Amazonia Expeditions and compromised with the coworkers in this fantastic team.

  • Juares Matias de Magalhães
    Juares Matias de Magalhães Engineer

    I like to work for this company because of the pleasure that the tourists show to the Amazon after a few weeks in our ships. It is also good opportunity of learning other languages each day more and more.

  • Edinelza de Menezes Batista Pierre
    Edinelza de Menezes Batista Pierre Secretary

    I work in the office helping to manage the boats. I like this rhythm of departures and arrivals of the ships and the preparation for the tourists. The family business way of the company make us feel comfortable and I am glad to help the crews when they need assistance from the office.

  • Erivaldo Serafim Rodrigues
    Erivaldo Serafim Rodrigues Deck Man

    Working here is how I support my family. Besides that we visit new places which is always good. I like to know toward the end of the trip that the clients are very happy and satisfied with the journey.

  • Eugênia Maria de Souza Paes
    Eugênia Maria de Souza Paes Cook

    I like to be in constant activity because every trip we acquire more experience.

  • Carminha Fernandes de Lima
    Carminha Fernandes de Lima Attendant

    I like the friendship with crew and clients. It is interesting to meet new cultures and learn other languages. Furthermore I like to make my daiquiris in the trip.

  • Clomácio dos Santos Peres
    Clomácio dos Santos Peres Deck Man

    I like to learn more and meet people.

  • Pedro de Souza Silveira
    Pedro de Souza Silveira Engineer

    I started to work for Amazonia Expeditions in June 23rd 2005. I like to work here because of the opportunity to meet other people and learn more about animals.

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